Get your
back fast!

Find your keys when you need them

With the RecovR key tag and app

Make your keys flash and beep

Click your key tag to find your phone

3 years of 24/7 nationwide service

Easily renewable through your dealer

Get your lost keys replaced for free

Once per year up to $800

Free roadside assistance

Get help from a trained professional

One-time payment to your dealer

No hidden subscription or other fees

* Click here for limitations and conditions.

Did you know?

Key loss is real

million people lose their car and house keys every year.
Source: Pebblebee
of people report misplaced keys cause them to be late.
people per year request AAA help for car lockouts.

At your dealership

Ask for RecovR

RecovR can protect both your car and your keys from theft and loss, so you can enjoy years of safe and convenient driving pleasure in your new vehicle, all with a single app! 


Simple & Powerful features

Free mobile app

  • Use the app to find the last known location of your keys and make them flash and beep.

  • Use the RecovR key tag to make your phone ring when you’ve misplaced it.

  • If you purchased a RecovR locator for your vehicle, you can track both cars and keys in the same app!



The hidden cost of losing car keys

Up to $600
for car key fob replacement
for towing costs
for transponder key chip re-programming
$5000 cash
limited warranty for unrecovered stolen vehicles (not available in all states, ask your dealer for details))

Use it every day

Simple & reliable

  • Quick

    Save time and reduce the frustration of lost keys

  • Private

    Only you can access your key’s location

  • Multifunctional

    Attach to any keys you want

  • Long life

    Charge once per year with USB-C


Help when you need it


Service and Availability

  • Service

    We are always available via the app, email or our support number to answer your questions and help you resolve issues.

  • Availability

    RecovR is available exclusively through your favorite car dealership. If they don't yet offer RecovR, tell them to contact us!

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